Jenny in Chatham Light, Cape Cod, US 2016


제니의 두 번째 시집 『왜냐하면 우리는 우리를 모르고』가 발간되었다.
호흡을 고르며 집중하던 내 동생 제니의 시집 발간을 축하하면서...
2년 전 러시아에서의 사고 후, 1년 이상을 고통스럽게 누워지낸 뒤, 이렇게 또 일어나 차근차근 마무리 해낸 니가 아름답고 참 자랑스럽다.
아름답고 순하고 곧은 것들 곁에서 그런 것들만 닮으면서 살자.

My twin sister Jenny’s 2nd book of poetries 『Because We Don’t Know Who We Are』 has been released.
Congratulation on getting her 2nd book published. Jenny who gives me inspiration to move further... and also who was getting calm herself down and check in with herself to go over some of hurdles and mountains to climb in her own writing-world.

Jenny-ya, I’m so proud of you!


Low Roar - Give Up

I won't wake
A wealthy man someday
Cause the sun, don't follow me

I won't wake,
Without a song to sing
Nothing to some
Everything to me

In my worst
I'll do my best
To make it seem
Like I am happy

Cuz I've grown numb
Dry as my tear ducts
I've grown dumb
and empty

But don't give up on me
Give up on me
Give up on me

사랑하는 나의 동생 제니에게...

Puppy at the parking lot, 2014

Puppies on the street, 2014
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