What are you listening to right now?

2006/06/02 + -
Memphis Slim, Everyday I have the blues
 머리에 꽃을 Flower P 
2006/05/31 + -
Mono ㅡ The Flames Beyond The Cold Mountain
우리는 속옷도 생겼고 여자도 늘었다네 ㅡ 안녕
Lowgold - Save yourself
2006/05/26 + -
Saxon Shore
2006/05/18 + -
Ben Folds
Rockin' The Suburbs

I will prearrange some crab & clams and seafood at my Apt for my birthday, 20th May.
Show up around 6pm and we'll be eating by 6:30.
No presents necessary or expected, just show up, Alright! Miss ya...
 머리에 꽃을 Flower P 
2006/05/17 + -
It's A Beautiful Day ㅡ Girl With No Eyes
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