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2006/02/03 + -
My Dying Bride-For My Fallen Angel

Hi Enny, Jason's current plans are to be in Okpo on Thursday, 16 February.
His flight from Bangkok leaves on Wednesday at noon. You see, I certainly knew that he didn't want to live there. We will see..... ps. I love your new paintings, Enny.

RE) Hey Barney, I also could hear them arguing outside and I saw him at that night and not since. I thought that he was on vacation in Okinawa... Anyway thank you for your efforts into tying to work out travel arrangement for my friend. I decided, with all of the uncertainty on travel arrangement with that, I will just rent a car at Daejeon and drive down to Okpo. I'm arranging to pick up the car at Daejeon and then on the following Sunday, I will drop the car off at the Gimhae airport again. I know there is a drop off charge but it's a lot easier than driving it all the way back to Daejeon. Thanks for your info. :-)
Czars - Little pink house
 머리에 꽃을 Flower P 
2006/01/31 + -
Antony And The JohnsonsㅡWhat Can I Do
2006/01/31 + -
David Bowie
She can do that / Feat. BT
NEU! - See Land
Mojave3 - Anyday will be fine
UNKLE, Feat. Thom Yorke Radiohead - Rabbit in your headlights
Jay Jay Johanson - I want some fun
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